Saturday, May 16, 2015

Typical Saturday

I drank a cappuccino last night to help me stay awake so I could watch all of the AMC Duet show. Because of the cappuccino I had, I did not fall asleep until after midnight again. Hiker woke me up around 5:45 am so I went ahead and let her outside and when she came back in, we went back to bed and I slept for another 2 hours.
Got up and made some pancakes for breakfast then did my laundry.
After the mowers came, I had lunch and then Hiker and I went over to Central Park in Saugus for a walk. I didn’t know they were having the Cancer Relay For Life there today or I would have picked somewhere else to go for our walk. Almost didn’t find a place to park, but finally did, so Hiker and I walked around the perimeter of the park.
The sun had been shining all morning, but when we started over the hill towards the park, it started to get very cloudy and very breezy.
My heel and knee are still bothering me, but I know that I need to stretch the Plantar Fascia Ligament so that the heel pain will eventually go away and walk does stretch it. Plus I need the exercise.
I ordered a “selfie stick” on Amazon the other day and it arrived in the mail today. I wanted it so when Hiker and I are out hiking and I want to take a photo of a flower or other thinks that I cannot get really close to. Plus they are good for taking photos if you are in a crowd or if you want to get a photo of something in a tight space. I will use it for “Hiker & Mom” selfies too (LOL).

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  1. Never heard of a selfie stick. You'll have to show it to us when you get it. Sounds interesting. Glad you got to exercise your heel and knee. Hope it helps.


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