Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Out And About With My Neighbor Jean

Got up early this morning. I wanted to get over to the Kaiser Pharmacy right after they opened to see if my prescriptions were ready for pick up. I always order my refills online and then pick them up at the pharmacy. So I went only over the weekend to order 4 prescriptions. It accepted my order, but then when I checked the status the next day, it told me that 3 of my prescriptions could not be filled due to lack of information. I emailed my doctor and he said he’d look at it and get it straightened out. This morning I checked the status again and it told me that 1 prescription was ready for pick up, but 3 of them had “previous refills in progress”, whatever that meant. I went over to the pharmacy and somehow, 3 of the prescriptions were duplicated. So it appears it did accept my online order, but then my doctor put in an order for them also. So the pharmacy kept the duplicated ones and gave me the others. Hopefully the next time I have to order some, it will go smoothly like it has in the past.
It was “May Gray” again outside this morning. When I got home from Kaiser, I filled 2 of my 3 hummingbird feeders. The sun came out a little while after I came back into the house.
I was watching my “soap” when I got an email from Jean wondering if I wanted to go over to The Dollar Tree with her. I told her if she’d wait until after Y&R was done, I’d drive and then we’d go over to Der Weinerschnitzel for lunch.
While having lunch, we decided to take the dogs for a walk when we got back home, so we did that and then let them play in my yard for a while.
Jean and her dogs just now went home, so I’m settling down to watch some TV. It got up to the mid 80’s today with sunny/hazy skies.

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  1. The prescription debacle sounds familiar We order on the telephone and things frequently get messed up. I prefer the old days when you had a prescription in hand and took it to the pharmacist.


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