Friday, May 29, 2015

Roof Quote

Hiker and I got up at 6 am this morning and we did NOT go back to bed. We had a dog walk with Jean and her dogs this morning, so we needed to get our butts out of bed.
When we all got down to the park, we saw our neighbor Shelly and her dog Toby. Toby is an Aussie Cattle Dog also, but he is a red heeler. He is just a puppy…only 10 months old. Hiker is scared to death of him! I think if she was with him more, she’d eventually be OK with him because she was afraid of Jean’s dogs before she got to know them.
Shelly and Toby joined us for our walk and then we all went back to my house for the dogs to play in the yard, but Hiker just hid behind me.
After the walk, Hiker and I had some breakfast and then I headed over to the Whole Foods Market to see if they had the Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar I’ve been looking for. They were very well stocked with it, so I picked up a 32 oz. bottle and I also picked up a small bottle of honey, even though I do not care for the taste of honey. My brother Ron and a few of my FB friends said the honey will neutralize the flavor of the vinegar. On the way home I stopped at Sam’s Club and filled the car with gasoline.
Yesterday 2 young men came to my door saying that a neighbor was getting a quote for a new roof and they wanted to know if I’d like a free quote, so since I am planning on getting a new roof in 3 to 5 years, I said “sure”. Well today another guy came from their company, went up on my roof and checked it out, measured everything and then gave me a one hour sales pitch even though I told him I was NOT getting a new roof for at least another 3 years. I think he was still very disappointed that I did not sign up today. He was a nice guy, but….
His quote was about $5,000.00 fore than what I’m hoping to pay. We have a crew here in our gated community who does roofing and I’m pretty sure they will be quite a bit cheaper than his quote.
Got into the mid 90’s here today.


  1. Glad your shopping expedition was successful. Hope this remedy works. Poor Hiker being caught off guard by this new pup. Maybe she'll get used to it soon. Roofs are expensive for sure. Got to have somebody trustworthy do it.

  2. Kay, I am a beekeeper and I think you if could find some local honey you would like the taste better. It would be fresh and it would be healthier for you because it would have the local pollens in it. I hope the vinegar and honey give you the effect you are hoping for. I do believe in simple remedies for many ailments. Keep stretching and doing exercise too. Kaye


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