Thursday, May 14, 2015

Had A Little Rain Today

We slept in this morning. When I let Hiker out at 6 am, it was cool and cloudy, so it was a perfect morning to crawl back under the covers. I know for sure I fell back to sleep this morning. I had a dream that Ben sat on the bed and I reached out and touched his arm. I could actually feel his skin and it was warm.
We got up around 8 am and had some breakfast. After my trip to Palmdale yesterday, I needed to get some gas in the car, so Hiker and I went out and picked up my lottery tickets and then headed up to Sam’s Club to get the gas. I didn’t wear a jacket and it was cool and windy at the gas station.
When we got back home, I decided to try to take Hiker out for a short walk. The shoe inserts are helping some with my sore heel, but it still hurts some and it causes me to walk out of alignment. That causes my entire body to hurt. My shoulders started to ache where they come together just below the neck. We did at least get a mile walk.
It started to rain a little here around noon. Stopped raining and then started again around 2 pm. Didn’t rain hard, but at least it got the grass wet.
After lunch and Y&R, I cleaned my guest bathroom. Wasn’t really in the mood to do it, but I forced myself. Someday I’ll break down and hire myself a cleaning person (LOL).

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  1. What a lovely, sweet dream. A moment to cherish for sure. Sorry to hear your heels are still giving you fits. Hiker and you should rest tomorrow.


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