Friday, May 15, 2015

Hiker's Grooming Day

Got up early to check on the weather. We usually do a dog walk with Jean on Fridays, but it looked very threatening outside this morning so I called Jean. We decided it was probably too muddy to take the dogs out since it poured down rain all night long. We got 3/4" of rain here in Santa Clarita last night.
Today was Hiker’s appointment with Jean for a bath and a haircut, so we headed over there around 8:30 am. It takes a while for Jean to groom Hiker because when she cuts her hair, there are so many undercoats and layers that she has to keep going back over what she just cut.
While there, 2 of Jean’s friends (whom I have met before) came by with their dogs. On was leaving her dog with Jean because she is going to Vegas this weekend. The other was having her dog groomed.
Did my weekly vacuuming after lunch.
The sun popped in and out all afternoon. Heard it was raining down in the Inland Empire, but didn’t see a drop here today.

Hiker after her grooming.


  1. Hiker looks content with her new haircut. Perfect for the warmer weather.

  2. Hope you had a good day! Supposed to rain here!


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