Friday, May 8, 2015

Dreary, Stay On The Sofa Day

It was raining a little before Hiker and I went to bed last night and I remember waking up sometime in the night and hearing rain on the roof.
Since it is Friday, Hiker and I were supposed to do our normal dog walk with Jean and her dogs, but when I got out of bed at 6 am and looked outside, the sky looked very threatening. So I called Jean and we decided we didn’t want to be out at the park and have it start raining all over us and the dogs, plus my yard was too wet for them to have a play date.
So Hiker and I went back to bed for a while. I had the local morning news on the TV, but I think I dozed a couple of times.
Decided to do a load of laundry. I would normally do it on Saturday, but Jean and I are supposed to go to the Castaic Lake Water Agency’s open house tomorrow at Central Park. They have displays of draught tolerant plants plus they have little classes and seminars on how to save water.
I cannot believe this weather we’ve been having. Normally we do not have a cold front come through in May, but it was in the mid-50s today and I had to run the heater. Last week, I was in shorts and had the A/C running.
When Hiker and I walked up to the mail box to get the mail today, there was one item in the box. It was a “Proud Dog Mom” Mother’s Day card from Ben’s sister Donna. That was so sweet of her and her family to send it.


  1. What a sweet card to receive. Something to treasure for sure.

  2. The weather here in the south is not right, we should be much warmer.
    Some in New York are in the 90's. To much change in the world these days.
    Glad you are feeling better.


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