Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fun Morning

Got up early this morning because I wanted to have some breakfast before my neighbor Jean and I went over to Central Park for the Castaic Lake Water Agency’s annual open house. Talked to all of the water people again and got a free water saving shower head, a free shut-off nozzle for the hose, more free reusable shopping bags and a few other goodies. We rode the HomeTown Trolley up the hill to the agency building and walked around their gardens. My left heel and my right knee started bothering me after about an hour and a half so we headed for home.
Got home just in time to let the mowers into the back yard. They only mowed the older lawn out there. They used a grass whipper to cut the new sod that we put down last weekend when the tree was taken down.
Hiker and I were able to sit out on the patio for a while after lunch. I would have like to gone for a walk, but with my heel and knee still bothering me, I don’t want to overdo it. Makes me mad because I really do want to get out when the weather is nice like it was today.

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  1. Sounds like you scored big at the Castaic Lake Water Agency’s open house with that free water saving shower head. Enjoy.


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