Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spent Mother's Day With My Fur Baby

Slept in this morning. Actually I was watching (or more like listening to) “CBS Sunday Morning”.
Put some laundry in the washer, had breakfast and then took Hiker for a very short walk down to Discovery Park. I wanted to see how far I could get before everything started to hurt. I got about three-quarters of a mile before my knee was hurting. My heel felt better because the walking was stretching the muscle, but my knee hurt with every step. It’s not really my knee. It is a pain in my leg, about 2” below and to the left of my knee cap. I’ve had the pain off and on for several years. It even bothered me back when Ben was alive, but it seems to be getting worse. I think it’s the tendon just below the knee cap.
Hiker and I filled the 3 hummingbird feeders after lunch and then spent some time sitting on the patio. Hiker still runs over to where the gap used to be in the fence if she thinks Cayenne (the neighbor’s dog) is out in the yard. If Cayenne is there, they bark at each other for a little while, then go back to whatever they were doing.
So the other day, our highest temperature was 55° and today it was 85°. Crazy weather.


  1. I had a very similar pain in my knee and it ended up being a tendon. It was weak and rubbing against my knee cap. My doctor gave me some strength exercises to do and they helped quite a bit.

  2. Get that knee of yours looked at. You could be making it worse with the exercise. LOVE your pic with Hiker. How sweet.

  3. I had pain in that area after moving into our house in Washington state. It took almost a year to get rid of it. We walked around through the neighborhood most every night, finally stopped walking for a few months and it healed. The tendon runs from the outside of the leg to the inside of the ankle and I would get little shooting pains in the ankle (along with the ache on the outside of the leg) when driving (left leg). It was miserable, hope you get some relief soon. Take care , Sheila


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