Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Had Lunch With Two Good Friends

I was going to get up at 7 am this morning, but ended up lying in bed until 8 am. I was awake part of the time, but dozed some too.
When Hiker and I got out of bed, I noticed that my heel and knee were feeling much better this morning. Still a slight bit of pain, but it appears that the shoe inserts I bought at Wal-Mart yesterday are helping.
Met two of the ladies from the old grief group for lunch today. Everyone else was busy with other appointments, etc. so it was just me, Jane and Carol. We met at Red Robin Burgers in the mall. Had a nice time as usually even if there were only three of us there.
It was in the mid-70s here today with sunshine, but a little hazy. We are supposed to get rain again on Friday and have cooler weather. Sort of a copy of last week.
Hope the weather is good tomorrow because I have to drive up to Palmdale to meet my Lockheed retired girl friends for lunch.


  1. LOVE Red Robin. Sounds like the shoe inserts are helping. That is great. Fingers crossed, the situation with your heel and knee continue to improve. Have fun tomorrow.

  2. Weather sounds perfect! Red Robin wonderful! Glad your knee is better! Take care!


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