Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Running A Little Late

Running late on my daily email blog today.
Slept in this morning as I had nothing to do until around 11:30 am when I went to meet the grief group gals for lunch at Round Table Pizza over in Newhall. As usual we had fun.
We were having so much fun that we stayed longer than normal and that is why I ended up getting home later.
After I got home, I had to go online and register for my jury summons I received yesterday. I was surprised to get a summons because I had been on call for Federal Jury Duty last July, but I guess they consider Federal and Superior courts different. Of course, I ended up being excused from the Federal Jury due to my eye problems and I thought maybe I could use that again, but I’m not longer getting the injections.
So I just hope I don’t get called in when I check my status in June. I have to see if Jean will be able to take care of Hiker if and when I have to report.
My older brother is contemplating coming down for a visit the week after I’m on call for the duty. He’s still not dedicated to coming down. It depends on his finances at the time. Hopefully I won’t get called in, put on a jury and end up messing up his coming for the visit.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Just went through the jury duty thing myself. Hope you get the outcome you desire. Poor Hiker will wonder what happened to you if you had to report.


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