Monday, May 18, 2015

May Gray Day

Another cloudy and gloomy day here in Southern California. They are saying we may get another rain storm coming in by Friday. This is crazy. We usually never have rain this late into the year. But we do need it so it is a good thing.
Got up early for our dog walk with Jean and her dogs. My heel is still hurting some, but I have it all taped up according to how they show you to do it on the YouTube videos, plus I have the inserts I bought in my shoes, so that does help quite a bit.
We didn’t walk as far as we usually do and we walked slower than normal. We then let the dogs play some in my yard.
After Jean went home, I had some breakfast and then headed over to Wal-Mart. I had mentioned that the last time I was there I used that Dr. Scholl’s machine to see what orthotics they recommended and that the ones it said I needed were out of stock. Well they were still out of stock today. Guess the Dr. Scholl’s people never come to refill their rack. I did buy a pair of Dr. Scholl’s walking shoes that have more support. I’ve been told by Facebook friends to check out the New Balance and the Sketchers walking shoes.
I noticed when I was driving over to Wal-Mart that a “Maintenance Required” light was showing up on the dashboard of my car. So when I got home, I had to make an appointment for service on my Rav4 this Wednesday morning.

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  1. Hope your car trouble is not serious. The Dr. Scholl’s walking shoes should help. I did once have a pair of Sketchers I liked. And have heard positive things about New Balance.Glad the dogs got to walk and play before the next round of rain moves in.


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