Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And The Rain Continues

Didn’t sleep very well last night. I guess I was so stressed driving in that rain storm yesterday that I had a “death grip” on the steering wheel because my neck and shoulders were killing me. I tossed and turned all night.

It was not raining when Hiker went outside at 6 am and the sun actually peeked out for a second when I was out back around 7:30 am picking up her poop in the yard. The local news said the storm today would not come in until around 11 am, however, it actually started to drizzle around 8:30 am.

Since I didn’t really feel that well, and because of the storm coming, I had not planned on leaving home for any reason. But then I noticed I was getting very low on toilet paper and toilet paper is a very important thing to have, so I drove over to Sam’s Club to buy some and while there, I picked up other things I needed. While there, I felt like I was walking around in a dream because for some reason, my head felt like it was full of mush. Could be from lack of sleep last night.

I didn’t even put my contact lens on this morning. But then, I really don’t need to wear it all the time as I do have my eyeglasses too.

Just before lunch time we were under a flash flood/severe thunder storm warning. It was really coming down hard and the wind was blowing like crazy. It lasted about 20 minutes. Hiker and I stayed inside the warm house with a fire in the fireplace staying warm and dry.

Another cloud burst came through around 1:30 pm. We had a total of 1.03” of rain by 3 pm.

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  1. I'm so glad you are getting rain. I know it will take more than this year but I hope eventually you will be out of the drought. Hope you and Hiker have a good week, Sheila


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