Friday, January 15, 2016

Helping My Neighbor Buy A New iPhone

Running late with my daily email today. We had a dog walk with Jean and her dogs this morning and then we went to Jean’s house so she could groom Hiker.

I had a $5 off coupon for lunch at Sizzler for my birthday, so we decided to go there for lunch and Jean wanted to go buy a new smart phone. She has never had one, so it was a big decision for her.

Me and the sales girls talked her into the iPhone 6 because we both felt it was the best and the easiest to use, plus if Jean has any questions, I can help her since I have an iPhone and no more about them.

We were gone all afternoon and didn’t get back home until around 3 pm and Jean wanted me to show her some basics on the phone so she could use it until we have time to actually sit down and run over all of the other bells and whistles.

I’m sure she’ll be calling me to ask a lot of questions.

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