Thursday, January 28, 2016

Got Out For A Short Afternoon Walk

Hiker and I got up early this morning because the Puronics Technician was coming between 9-10 am to service my whole-house water filter. He arrived right at 9 am. I love it when people arrive when they say they will. Very nice middle-aged gentleman named Gregg. He was finished flushing out the carbon and refilling the tank in about 45 minutes. He told me I’m ready for another 3 years, maybe more if I wanted to go longer, but they do recommend to have it done every 3 years.

Hiker did her job while he was here…barking and snarling at him through the patio slider. She was protecting me and her home from the “strange man”. He told me he was a dog lover and has 2 dogs of his own.

Was a beautiful day here in SoCal. Blue sky, bright sunshine and 80° at noon according to my personal weather station on my patio.

After lunch, Hiker and I drove over to Central Park in Saugus for a short walk. I told her that I was going to let her decide where our walk would go. I just followed along behind her, holding on to her leash. We walked almost a mile when she decided she wanted to head back to the car, so I just followed along. I figured she might be getting tired or maybe her hip was starting to bother her a little bit.

I’ve been having trouble sending photos to Facebook from my iPhone lately. I sent one from the park when we were walking and I noticed it hadn’t shown up on my FB page when I got home. I’ve had that happen before and I have to resend the photo. I might have to go back to using Instagram to send them to FB.

Here is the photo:

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