Sunday, January 3, 2016

Slow Down Sunday

Stayed in bed this morning until around 7:45 am watching “CBS Sunday Morning”. Got up and had some waffles for breakfast, put some laundry into the washing machine and then paid some bills online.

It was in the mid-30’s here this morning. It was partly cloudy but the sun was shining. They say we are going to have rain every day this coming week starting later tonight. I guess there are 3 storms coming in off of the Pacific Ocean. I want the rain because we need it, but I hate that I’ll have to drive in the rain to go down to Panorama City on Tuesday morning for my follow-up appointment with the optometrist.

I watched a few movies on the Encore Channel on TV, one being “Fried Green Tomatoes”, which has always been one of my very favorite movies. Does anyone besides me think that Jessica Tandy’s character was actually Idgie?

Did a little housework in the afternoon and now I’m pooped.

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