Thursday, January 7, 2016

Typical Thursday

Slept in this morning. It rained all night but was not raining when we got up this morning and did not rain all day.

Had some breakfast and then remembered that I need to go get my lottery tickets for Saturday. I put Hiker in the car and headed for the liquor store to get the tickets. Noticed when there that the payout for this Saturday on the Powerball is $700 million.

On the way back home, we stopped at Discovery Park. I had my camera with me and wanted to take some photos of the beautiful sky this morning.

Stayed home the rest of the day.

Got a call from Kaiser telling me that my eyeglasses were ready for pickup in Panorama City. I told them they had assured me they would have them delivered to the Santa Clarita office, so they said they would have someone drive them up here tomorrow or Saturday and that the Santa Clarita office would call me to come pick them up there. I was surprised the eyeglasses were ready since they supposedly had not ordered them until Tuesday when I was there. The contacts have not been delivered yet, but they too are supposed to be delivered to the Santa Clarita office, so I hope they get that right.

My friend Jean and I are supposed to drive up to Agua Dulce tomorrow to meet my friend Judy for lunch. I also invited my friend Robyn, but she said she has a sore throat, but that if she feels better, she might meet us. Sounds like she has the same yuck that I had before Christmas.

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