Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Grocery Shopping Day

It was cold this morning, so Hiker and I stayed under the covers until a little after 7 am. Had a poached egg sandwich for breakfast and then I headed out to grocery store to do my grocery shopping.

Was cloudy this morning and my brother Ron said he was getting a little rain in northern California but we are not getting any here and they keep saying they don’t see any here for quite a while. There are storms on the ocean headed this way, but we have a high pressure system over us and it is making the storms go north and away from us. I hope our “El Nino” is not over. We still need a lot more rain.

With the new “adult coloring book craze”, I decided to buy some coloring pencils and a sharpener, but instead of getting a coloring book, I decided to go online and look for free downloadable coloring pages. The books seem to contain mostly geometric things to color and I prefer nature or landscapes to color. You’d be surprised how many free downloadable pages there are.

The sun came out in the afternoon, but there were still a few clouds in the sky.


  1. I see you and Hiker are doing good! Happy Birthday later in the week:)

  2. What a coincidence. Yesterday I succumbed to the "adult coloring" phase also! But I found a book at Walmart! I don't know if you have them out there, but for less than $5 they had books of nature scenes and gardens and things, and they are on thick paper, too! It is fun and very relaxing!


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