Thursday, January 21, 2016

Clean House Day

Had trouble dragging my lazy butt out of bed this morning. Finally got up around 8 am.

I needed to go get my lotto tickets. I had considered walking down to the store by myself because I still don’t want to take Hiker on any long walks until after this weekend. I noticed that she cried a little bit last night when she finally came in and jumped up on the bed. The pet steps I ordered for her arrived today, so I hope I can get her to learn how to use them. So far she wants nothing to do with them. She has actually jumped over them to get on or off the bed.

Anyway, as I said, I had thought about walking down to the store alone. It’s almost 2 miles down there and back. But then Hiker looked at me with those brown eyes and I know how much she loves to ride in the car, so I lifted her into the car and we drove down to the store to buy them.

When we got home, I lifted her out of the car and what does that little stinker do? She turned around and got right back into the car. I have taught her to jump up to the floor of the car first and then jump up into the seat and that was what she did. I guess she wanted to go for another ride since she’s been cooped up in the house for almost a week, except for going outside to go potty.

I finally got around to doing the housework I’ve been putting off all week. Mopped all of my hard floors and vacuumed the carpet.

Hiker kept wanting me to go out into the back yard with her, so we went out there for a little while. She kept wanting me to play ball with her, but I’m still nervous about her running too much. Although this morning, when I sprayed her with some flea killer/repellant, when I was done, she ran around the house like a crazy dog.

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