Friday, January 22, 2016

I Was A "Techie" Today

Hiker was acting strange again last night. She didn’t come to bed until about 3 am. Ever since she did whatever she did when she jumped off my bed and started screaming last week, she has not acted like herself. She seems more skittish than before. I think she needs a “dog whisperer”.

We got out of bed around 6 am. Jean wanted me to come over and help her set up her new laptop and to set her up on iTunes and iCloud so she can save her photos from her new iPhone 6. We were over there for 4 hours. For some reason I was having all kinds of trouble getting things to work on her new computer. Never had these kinds of problems when I set up my iTunes and iClouds 5 years ago. I guess they could have changed things in the past 5 years and that could have been part of the problem.

I finally got her photos to show on her iCloud but there are still some other problems I need to work out on it.

It got up to 73° here today, but still felt chilly for some reason. It was mostly cloudy so that could have been the reason. They say we might get some rain tomorrow, but if we do, it won’t be much. Hoping Sunday is a nice day because Jean and I are planning on driving out the Antelope Valley Indian Museum that day.

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