Tuesday, January 26, 2016

High Voltage

Mild and sunny this morning when Hiker and I got out of bed. Had a little bit of breakfast and then I headed over to the Home Depot to pick up some steer manure and grass seed to repair the bare spots in my lawn. I looked at Lowes yesterday and they only had organic manure and the least expensive was $13 for a small bag. I got 3 large bags of regular old steer manure at Home Depot for less than $4. They were having their parking lot repaved so I had to maneuver all around the area to find a place close enough to park near the garden area so I could load my car.

Last night was warmer than it has been. Around 8 pm last night, Hiker wanted to go outside and lay on the patio. I had the slider open a little and I started to hear a strange sound. Hiker perked up and started looking around. I realized it was the sound of a frog or toad croaking. Never did see it, but it must be a big one from the sound of its croak.

I met with DeDee, Linda and Jane (three of my widowed friends) for lunch at Rattler’s BBQ today. While I was waiting for them to arrive, I noticed a helicopter flying over very low with a cable hanging down and then I noticed there was a man at the end of the cable. Seems they have been working on the high voltage towers all week and they put the workers on top of the towers by flying them there with the helicopter. Those guys must be really brave. First they are working with high voltage on a very high tower and they dangle from a cable from the helicopter going to and from the top of the tower. Amazing.

Was a very beautiful day here today. In the low 70’s with a very blue sky. We might get some rain on Sunday. 

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  1. That helicopter drop is amazing. The height, the potential of bumping into high voltage. What a job! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I have never seen anything like that.


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