Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It Never Rains In California

Had my follow-up appointment at Kaiser with the Optometrist this morning. It was pouring down rain when I left home. I don’t like driving some freeways, so I always take the surface streets down to Panorama City. Just as I was going into the Newhall Pass at the corner of Sierra Highway and Newhall Ranch Road, I was stopped at the traffic light. The wind was blowing really hard and it was pouring. It was like a small tornado was going through. The car was shaking and there were leaves and papers blowing around in a circle.

When I got into the pass, the clouds were on the ground, so along with the rain and the fog, it was very difficult to see and there were deep puddles along the side of the roads.

My appointment was at 10:25 and I got there just before 10:00. The doctor rechecked my vision with the contact lens and he checked the fit of the lens one more time and then said I was good to go. The contact lens technician ordered a one-year supply of the “Daily” contact lenses and the eyeglasses technician ordered my eyeglasses. They both told me that they would have them shipped up to the Kaiser Center here in Santa Clarita so I won’t have to drive down to Panorama City to pick them up.

Last week, they only gave me a one week supply of contact lenses, so I asked for more to wear until my boxes of lenses arrive. They only had 2 packs of my prescription, but the optometrist said they could give me 5 packs of lenses that are just a little less prescription so that I could have a full one-week supply.

The doctor and I were talking about the rain and the fact that I had to drive down in it from Santa Clarita. He told me that there is talk of Kaiser building a hospital in the Santa Clarita Valley in the next few years. I doubt I’ll be around whenever they decide to do that and have one built and complete. They are opening up another medical building in 2017 that will offer us more kinds of services here. That will be nice.

As of 2:30 pm, we have had 2.24” of rain here according to my personal weather station.

At least most people were driving like “normal human beings” today instead of like a bunch of crazy people. I guess since we have not had rain like this in several years that people were a little nervous about driving in it.

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