Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dark And Gloomy All Day

We slept in a little this morning. Was cloudy and cold when we did get out of bed. I made us some poached eggs and then put my laundry into the washer.

The mowers came and today they put some chemical food on my lawn. Wish they had done that last week before the rain, but then, as hard as it rained, it may have washed it all away. We have a 20% chance for rain today, but don’t know if we’ll get it.

Around 12:15 I got a call from Kaiser’s optical department here in Santa Clarita telling me that my eyeglasses had arrived from Panorama City and that I could pick them up at any time, so I jumped in the car and headed over there. While there, I mentioned that I was also waiting for my contact lenses to be delivered from Panorama City and they told me that they had also arrived this morning, so that worked out really well for me.

It stayed cloudy all day and only got up to around 58°. As of right now, we have not gotten any rain today. Started to drizzle at 4 pm.

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