Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It Was A "Do Nothing" Day

Today was pretty much a “do nothing” day. We got up. We had breakfast.

I went over to Sam’s Club this morning for just a few things, but those few things cost me over $100.00 because a couple of them were a little more “high priced” items.

It was dark and cloudy when we got up and when I headed over to Sam’s, but later in the morning the sun came out and it was actually in the low 70s here.

I was somewhat surprised when we actually got some rain yesterday because they kept saying on the news that we would have clouds but probably no rain.

Hiker seems to be getting better each day. She doesn’t cry at all now when she jumps up on the sofa or bed. I ordered some pet steps for her on Amazon and I’m going to try to teach her how to use them to get on and off the bed. My bed is 25” high and when she jumps down from the bed, I’m always afraid she’s going to reinjure herself or break something. I just hope when she runs out of the anti-inflammatory pills that they pain won’t come right back.

Ever since the night she jumped off the bed and hurt herself, she seems a little afraid to go in and get up on the bed. She uses to always go to bed before I did. Now she is not coming to bed until after I’m asleep.

I think she’s getting cabin fever. I went out into the back yard with her and she started running around in circles along the perimeter of the yard like a turbo dog, so it seems her hip muscle is not hurting her much right now.

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